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Battle mechanics update

Greetings Emperors!

As the old battle mechanics were a bit frustrating and “broken”, we are announcing new mechanics that should be more straightforward and will allow more strategically oriented fights. Here is a list of the changes:
- Reworked the whole math and logic that applies on battle.
- Changed the rapid fire functionality. Now it increases ship’s attack against another one. Also changed rapid fire stats for all ships.
- Removed small shield dome and large shield dome. Instead the atmospheric shield limit has been removed and now it can be built without limitations. Also atmospheric shield will reduce the damage taken for other defense platforms.
- Increased the armour of all ships.
- Changed how ship’s shield absorbs damage. It will absorb a certain percentage of the damage but the more the shield, the more ineffective it becomes.
- Changed the attack and price of some ships.

You can test out your old hall of fame battles in the battle simulator to check out the differences.