Terms and Conditions

§1 Service content

1.1 The full understanding and compliance of the Policies are necessary requirements in order to be able to participate in the game. They apply to all offers on the part of operators, including the Forum and other Game-content.

1.2 The service is free. Thus there are no claims to the availability, delivery, functionality, or damages. Furthermore, the User/Player can make no requests, claims, or demands regarding the restoration of account that has been damaged in any sort or way.

§2 Membership

2.1 By logging in/into the game and / or the Forum membership will start in the game.

2.2 This agreement ends after a declaration by the User/Player that they (User/Player) wish to terminate the account by deleting the account or by requested letter to an administrator. The erasure of data for technical reasons can not be made immediately.

2.3 Terminated by the operator No user has any right to participate in tenders of the operator. The operator reserves the right to delete accounts. The decision to delete an account is solely and exclusively to the operator and administrator and operator. Any legal claim to a membership is excluded.

2.4 All rights remain with the operator.

§3 Contents / Responsibility

Users/Players shall be held responsible for all in-game sent messages and communications from the Users/Players account. Pornographic, racist, abusive or otherwise violates applicable content/words/behavior shall remain the sole responsibility of the Users/Players account from which they originated, and such actions/words/phrases/sentences/intentions shall not be responsibility of the operator, nor shall the operator be held liable for any such actions. Violations can lead to immediate cancellation or revocation.

§4 Prohibited procedures

4.1 The user is not authorized to use hardware / software or other substances or mechanisms associated with the web site, which can interfere with the function and the game. The user may not continue to take any action that may cause undue stress or increased usage and instability in the games or servers capacity. The user is not allowed to manipulate content generated by the operator or interfere in any way with the games normal and intended functions.

4.2 Any type of bot, script or other automated features in-game are prohibited. The game can be played only in the browser. Even the in-game buildin functions should not be used to gain an unfair advantage over other players within the game. Blocking of advertising is prohibited and shall be blocked by any Users/Players. The decision of weather or not a software is beneficial for the players, lies solely with the operator(s) and administrator(s).

§5 Restrictions on Use

5.1 A player may only use one account per universe, so-called Multying (multiple accounts per universe, per single player) are not allowed and will be deleted/locked without warning. The decision of weather any given account a multi (multiple account of any given player, per universe) lies solely with the operator(s) and administrator(s).

5.2 Particulars shall be governed by the rules.

5.3 Lockouts are solely based and governed by the operator, and may be permanent or temporary. Similarly, closures may extend to one or all play areas. The decision will be suspended when and how long a player who is only with the operator / with the administrators / operators.

§6 Privacy

6.1 The operator reserves the right to store and collect any and all information submitted by users/players in-game, including IP's, browser and operating system information, which is filed and stored for security & legal reasons, and for future referance..

6.2 This data will be released under certain circumstances to carry out statutory duties to clerks and other authorized persons. Furthermore, data can be given (if need be issued) under certain circumstances to third parties.

6.3 The user can object to the storage of personal data at any time. An appeal is a termination right.

§7 Rights of the operator of the Accounts

7.1 All accounts and all the virtual objects remain in the possession and ownership of the operator. The player does not obtain ownership and other rights to any account or parts of the game or server. All rights remain with the operator. A transfer of rights to and from the User/Player may take place at any time, with or without notice. The operator reserves the right to give and take away rights from the User/Player at any time.

7.2 Unauthorized sale, use, coppying, distribution, reproduction of the game, or otherwise violate the rights (eg on account) of the operator will be reported to authorities and prosecuted to the full extent of the law. Expressly permitted is the free, permanent transfer of the account and the actions of their own resources in the universe, unless and except as permitted by the rules.

§8 Liability

The operator of each universe is not liable for any damages. A liability is excluded except for damage caused by intent or gross negligence and all damage to life and health. In this regard, is expressly pointed out that computer games can pose significant health risks. Damages are not within the meaning of the operator.

§9 Changes to Terms

The operator reserves the right to modify these terms at any time or extend. A change or addition will be published at least one week before the entry in Forum.

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